Re: periodic security run output gives false positives after 1 year

On 17 February 2012 19:04, Roger Marquis <marquis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sergey Kandaurov wrote:

In IETF this RFC is marked obsolete and replaced with RFC 5424 with
different timestamp format in ISO 8601 form. FreeBSD doesn't implement
5424 yet. Almost complete implementation was done in NetBSD in that
regard in 2008. NetBSD before RFC 5424 changes has had pretty similar
syslogd source, so if one could analyze and port that changes to FreeBSD,
that would be pretty nice.

Problem with that would be backwards compatibility, and it's not IMO
worth breaking everyone's syslog parsing scripts to fix an issue that
really isn't due to the date format as much as it is to log rotation.

That is not a showstopper. Nothing prevents to merge both formats in one
daemon and introduce a new syslogd option to choose the desired format.

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