Re: Rooting FreeBSD , Privilege Escalation using Jails (P??????tur)

Jason Hellenthal <jhell@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Chris Rees <utisoft@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
I've updated the docs patches (links at [1]), though unfortunately it
means it's a little less elegant; I'm reluctant to suggest

# chmod 0700 $D/..
Haha I would strongly suggest against that ;) Not knowing where people are
keeping the jails would impose quite a bit of harm if they did have them
in places like that or /var/jailname.

What do you mean, "not knowing where people are keeping the jails"?
Only root can start a jail, so there is no risk of anyone starting a
hidden jail somewhere. Besides, jls(8) lists the root path of each

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