Re: Add SHA-256/512 hash algorithm to crypt(3) (kern/124164)

David Magda writes:
On Jan 30, 2011, at 04:55, Mark Murray wrote:

David Magda writes:
Is there any chance that kern/124164 [1] could be looked at? The
included patch has been updated by KIMURA Yasuhiro for 8.1R, and so
hopefully would be okay for 8.3R (and maybe even -CURRENT).

I've taken this. It will go in CURRENT first. 8.3 seems like a
reasonable later merge.

Awesome! Thanks.

No problemo.

Just as a first cut, I'm going to "FreeBSD-ify" the code, to get it
up to our style(9) standards. Apart from stylistic issues, we already
have SHA256 and SHA512 in our libraries, and they don't have alignment
issues, So I'll use them instead. You've donated to code to "public
domain"; any objection if I make this a BSD 2-clause license with
FreeBSD as the copyright holder? Many places have weird problems with
the concept of "public domain", and 2-clause BSD is pretty darned close.

Mark R V Murray
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