Re: gzip memory corruption

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After talking with Matthew Green (the author of NetBSD) it seems that it
would be more reasonable to fix the bug itself than breaking upon
receipt. Here is the patch.

Regarding to the suffix prompt, give me some time to think about it. At
the beginning I just matched GNU gzip's behavior, but they cover when
the -S is specified when decompressing, which we don't care about, so it
might be reasonable for us to explicitly say it's too long.

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Xin LI <delphij@xxxxxxxxxxx>
FreeBSD - The Power to Serve!
Version: GnuPG v2.0.12 (FreeBSD)

Index: gzip.c
--- gzip.c (revision 195945)
+++ gzip.c (working copy)
@@ -150,6 +150,8 @@
#define NUM_SUFFIXES (sizeof suffixes / sizeof suffixes[0])

+#define SUFFIX_MAXLEN 30
static const char gzip_version[] = "FreeBSD gzip 20090621";

#ifndef SMALL
@@ -372,6 +374,8 @@
case 'S':
len = strlen(optarg);
if (len != 0) {
+ if (len > SUFFIX_MAXLEN)
+ errx(1, "incorrect suffix: '%s'", optarg);
suffixes[0].zipped = optarg;
suffixes[0].ziplen = len;
} else {
@@ -1236,7 +1240,7 @@
/* Add (usually) .gz to filename */
if ((size_t)snprintf(outfile, outsize, "%s%s",
file, suffixes[0].zipped) >= outsize)
- memcpy(outfile - suffixes[0].ziplen - 1,
+ memcpy(outfile + outsize - suffixes[0].ziplen - 1,
suffixes[0].zipped, suffixes[0].ziplen + 1);

#ifndef SMALL
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