Re: PAM rules inside pam.d

Ivan Grover <ivangrvr299@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
I debugged pam_unix aswell, it looks like crypt function is giving
different strings for telnet and my application with same passwd
string and salt. So i think the issue could be with crypt library
linked telnet and my application.
please let me know your thoughts

There's not much I can say (or think) since you still haven't told me
what you upgraded *from* and *to*, but I doubt very much that there is
anything wrong with crypt(). The only two possibilities I can think of
are a) your application calls set_crypt_format() with an incorrect
argument, or b) your application contains an alternate (incorrect)
implementation of crypt(), or is linked to a library that does.

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des@xxxxxx
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