Re: ports/128999: [vuxml] [patch] update audio/streamripper to 1.64.0, fix CVE-2008-4829

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 11:06:56PM +0100, William Palfreman wrote:
That's nice. I am sure it is very useful on the ports mailinglist
where it belongs. I also greatly enjoy the frequent interesting and
informed discussion on the security mailinglist - of which Eirik
Overby's thread recently about syn+fin is one example. But all these
ports announcements, raw patches, garbled html etc. I could really do
without. It is why there are separate lists.

Was there a discussion or even an announcement indicating that the
security-related port commit messages would be sent to freebsd-security?
This seems to have started just this month. Like William, I also find the
explosion of commit messages and bug tracking minutia detracts from the
low volume and high value of the freebsd-security list. The list
description on mailman indicates the intent of the list is to be a
'high-signal, low-noise discussion of issues affecting the security of
FreeBSD.' Including every single obliquely security related port commit
seems counter to this intention.

I'd very much like to see a separate list for the automated port postings,
leaving this list to it's historical usage.


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