Re: OpenSSL warning from dns/bind95 build...?

On 2008.07.11 13:14:09 -0700, Chuck Swiger wrote:

[quote edited to contain important part]

WARNING Your OpenSSL crypto library may be vulnerable to
WARNING one or more of the the following known security
WARNING flaws:
WARNING CAN-2002-0659, CAN-2006-4339, CVE-2006-2937 and
WARNING CVE-2006-2940.
Is the version of OpenSSL now included with RELENG_6 (OpenSSL 0.9.7e-p1)
OK, or is it at risk as reported?

Just so there is no doubt - the base system OpenSSL isn't actually
vulnerable to those issues. They were fixed in SA-02:33.openssl,
FreeBSD-SA-06:19.openssl, and FreeBSD-SA-06:23.openssl.

The BIND build system just has no way to see this since they were
patched instead of upgraded.

Simon L. Nielsen
Hats: Base system OpenSSL janitor and FreeBSD Security Team
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