Re: Anti-Rootkit app

If you want to verify that nobody has changed files on your system,
you can use a tripwire-like system. Mtree(1) actually includes
tripwire-like functionality, which I've used quite successfully in the

I think that the latter is more realistic, but that's just my humble

The point really is that people expect way too much from Tripwire-style file integrity checkers. No self respecting rootkit author nowadays writes anything that is based on replacing system binaries.
Typically, there are KLD based rootkits, or even just ones that live in memory, which are impossible to catch with this approach. From what I recall (been ages since I looked into this) chkrootkit and rkhunter do some basic things to try and detect whether syscalls got hooked, but is absolutely nothing I would rely on. As Michael has pointed out, detecting a running rootkit is hard, if not close to impossible, if you have a skilled attacker (which, granted, is rarely the case).

I'd put more stress on the preventive side of things, use MAC etc., and just generally monitor your system well, update it, and maintain it wisely - I think that's effort better spent.



Jan Muenther, CTO Security, n.runs AG

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