Re: OpenSSL bufffer overflow

Thanks! I did the same grep, but wasnt sure whether or not that particular
function (SSL_get_shared_ciphers) got called by another function in OpenSSL
which was originally called by some of the big apps like sendmail,apache
and sshd

When I last researched this when the first problem with that function
was announced, no other functions inside OpenSSL called it. That
still appears to be the case:

/usr/src/crypto/openssl> grep -R SSL_get_shared_ciphers .
./apps/s_client.c: p=SSL_get_shared_ciphers(s,buf,sizeof buf);
./apps/s_server.c: if (SSL_get_shared_ciphers(con,buf,sizeof buf) != NULL)
./apps/s_server.c: p=SSL_get_shared_ciphers(con,buf,bufsize);
./doc/ssl/ssl.pod:=item char *B<SSL_get_shared_ciphers>(SSL *ssl, char *buf, int len);
./ssl/ssl.h:char * SSL_get_shared_ciphers(SSL *s, char *buf, int len);
./ssl/ssl_lib.c:char *SSL_get_shared_ciphers(SSL *s,char *buf,int len)
./util/ssleay.num:SSL_get_shared_ciphers 65 EXIST::FUNCTION:

Also, sendmail does not use it.
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