Re: security weakness

Do you run a mailserver on the computer which tiscali spotted as a
source of spam?

I distrust (*)
Whether other Tiscalis are cohesive, I wouldn't know.

This are just some hints to check out. I can not really help you
any further, as this is to time consuming to do with a computer
novice and without direct access to your computer. It would be
better if you get some professional computer support in your area,
which could be able to find the real source of your problem with
the sending out of spam.

To find a consultant on your part of the globe:
Geographically indexed Commercial Consultants Index
(inc. pointer to FreeBSD Index now partly geographicaly indexed,
but still not as rigorously as my index :-)

(*) I believe they once charged me for pre code phone calls I didn't make.
I created a unique email address to mail them complaint, (never used
with others, eg any Microsoft viraly infested & spammer harvested
PC recipients). Very quickly, I got spams on the new unique address.

Julian Stacey. Munich Computer Consultant, BSD Unix C Linux.
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