Re: Recent vulnerabilities in xorg-server


May I remind you about Xorg issues. Or you're already identified
them as false-positive? I can not see the vulnerability in the
so I assume that it was either considered false or not yes processed.


Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 10:56:16AM +0300, Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:
Remko, good day!

Thanks for the notification! We are kinda busy at the
moment, so if you could spare a minute and write a
VuXML entry (a draft would also suffice), we can
more easily add it. If you are unable to do so, no
probs, but it is likely to take a bit longer to
get the things incorporated.
Attached. The discovery date is given by the date of the
original posts in Securityfocus bugtraq list:

The disclosure timeline is different (the same for all three posts):

12/04/2006 Initial vendor notification
12/05/2006 Initial vendor response
01/09/2007 Coordinated public disclosure

Thanks for using FreeBSD and your willingness to improve
the product! It is being appriciated.
You're welcome ;))

<vuln vid="yet-unknown">
<topic>xorg-server -- multiple vulnerabilities.</topic>
<body xmlns="";>
<blockquote cite="";>
<p>CVE-2006-6101 CVE-2006-6102 CVE-2006-6103: The
ProcDbeGetVisualInfo(), ProcDbeSwapBuffer() and
ProcRenderAddGlyphs() functions in the X server, implementing
requests for the dbe and render extensions, may be used to
overwrite data on the stack or in other parts of the X
server memory.</p>
<p>CVE-2006-2006-3739 and CVE 2006-3740: It may be possible
for a user with the ability to set the X server font path,
by making it point to a malicious font, to cause arbitrary
code execution or denial of service on the X server.</p>
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