Re: which windows software can communicate with ipsec(racoon)?

"Zhao Tongyi" <zhaotongyi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:


I have tested cisco vpn software,found build the phase ONE successfully,but
phase two can't build up.

Probably a setup problem, I've been able to setup l2tp/ipsec tunnels
between an XP box and a FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE box (ipsec-tools racoon-0.6.x)

Anyone have advice??

Depending on what you need, maybe this software could help you :

j ai ete sur le site et j ai decouvert le programme. a quel niveau y a
til un probleme? Merci d eclairer ma lanterne. si je pouvais ne pas
etre traiter de gugusse, ce serait tres gentil de votre part...
-+- phjl in GNU : S'il te plait monsieur, dessine moi un neuneu -+-
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