Re: src/etc/rc.firewall simple ${fw_pass} tcp from any to any established

R. B. Riddick napsal/wrote, On 11/11/06 20:33:
Statefull rules can stop the sophisticated intruder, but are often more vulnerable to DoS attacks.

Hmm... U mean, when someone creates a lot of states? At least pf can limit that...


"Limit" mean - some packet (connections, states) are denied. The rest is question - is algorithm smart enough to limit attackers packet but no legitimate connections (or, at least, try to block attacker and try not to block legitimate connections). Especially against attacker with full knowledge of algorithm.

But here it looks like just the good guys can create a state (from the
good-network via the public network to the trusted web sites), so that states
can't hurt, I think...

Yes, in that case you are true.


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