Re: FreeBSD 4.x EoL

FreeBSD Security Officer wrote:
In short:
* FreeBSD is a volunteer project, and we don't want to volunteer to support
FreeBSD 4.x beyond the scheduled EoL date of January 31st, 2007;
* Even if we did want to support FreeBSD 4.x beyond that date, I'm not certain
that we would be able to do so, given that both FreeBSD and the rest of the
world has moved on; and
* You've had lots of warning that this was going to happen, so it's a bit late
to start complaining now.

Colin Percival
FreeBSD Security Officer
To no one in particular:

"The hood's not welded on" (Eric Raymond?).

You'll have the sources. If you're using 4.11 in a business, you need to decide if it's more cost effective to move on to 6 or hire someone to keep 4.11 running. There's compat_4 to keep most userland apps happy. I'm sure you could argue the various design issues to your hearts content on the news groups, but practically speaking, I don't have an issue with this. Nor is it all that different from your typical paid for support model for a proprietary OS.

It's not like the poor folks that got stuck with a business app that was locked to win95 or 98 with bizarre undocumented API's


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