Re: Getting GELI Keys from Floppy

Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:
Are you sure you want to trust a floppy disk for your keys??
It's not the most safe medium these days...

I'll backup the keys on CD. It's just that I don't want to waste a
CD-ROM drive in this server.

There is a problem here, because GELI initializes _before_ mounting
the disks from /etc/fstab (for obvious reasons, of course). So GELI is
not able to get the keys from the floppy and fails.

So, any hints how I could get the floppy mounted _before_ GELI tries
to initialize?

Why don't you use the plain device(/dev/fd0) instead of using a file on a
filesystem on the floppy? I think there are examples in the manual page.

I could use /dev/fd0 directly but then I had to use the same key for
all 6 HDD's in the server. I got a solution by hacking /etc/rc.d/geli
- I'm just mounting the floppy there before it tries to read the key.

Thanks for all the people giving suggestions!

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