Re: SSH scans vs connection ratelimiting

Just to put an end to this sillyness :)

A few days ago, I wrote:
For months now, we're all seeing repeated bruteforce attempts on SSH. I've configured my pf install to ratelimit TCP connections to port 22 and to automatically add IP-addresses that connect too fast to a table that's filtered:


This works as expected, IP-addresses are added to the 'lamers'-table every once in a while.

However, there apparently are SSH bruteforcers that simply use one connection to perform a brute-force attack:

As mysteries go, this one was a PEBKAC, too. My pf config had a 'deny all'-statement, but only for the external interface. A tunnel interface wasn't filtered in any way and no ratelimiting was taking place for the SSH daemon bound on that tunnel interface's address, hence the succeeding scans.

Sorry for the confusion,
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