Re: atheros chips dangerous?

Wesley Morgan wrote:

I agree, the Atheros driver is fantastic. The driver may be "binary" in
some ways, but I think we got the best of both worlds. The vendor is
providing every scrap of information necessary without having to give
away trade secrets, and FreeBSD got a driver authored by a developer who
is probably one of the most qualified people in the world to work on it.
I know I go out of my way to purchase and recommend Atheros-based
wireless devices because of this.

Anyone who simply makes the blanket assumption that because something is
"FOSS" that it gets more peer review need only to look at some of the
oldest open source projects around, such as sendmail or XFree/Xorg, to
realize that security problems can persist for years without being

I can't resist the urge to add a "me too" on all points here, especially the
part about going out of my way to use and recommend Atheros bits. These guys
are a model for how hardware vendors can successfully interact with the open
source community for mutual benefit.



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