Re: atheros chips dangerous?

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Sam compiled those binaries, he has the source code.

And it is a matter of trust.

from the phk's comments I deduce that it was a NDA between Atheros
and FreeBSD.

The NDA is between Atheros and Sam Leffler.

In my opinion the difference is that with NDA you place trust in
a few persons (the ones with the code), whilst with open source
drivers the code can be reviewed by all people with enough
knowledge about the subject and since peer review is an important
concept in FOSS quality (and security) it would be desirable
to have free code.

While that is certainly true, I also feel that the fact that
Atheros has actively tried to work with the FOSS people to get
a good driver should be credited to them.

Other vendors have been totally impossible to work with.

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