Re: Kerberos5 / Heimdal

Forrest Aldrich <forrie@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
I see all the libraries in /usr/lib etc., so which is it... do we
have a full install as a part of 6.1 or is the security/heimdal
still needed to bring it up to speed.

kerberos5 contains only Makefiles; the source code itself is in
crypto/heimdal. This was originally done to make it easier to
separate exportable and non-exportable parts of the tree. Since
export controls are no longer an issue, the contents of crypto should
probably move into contrib, and the Makefiles in kerberos5 and secure
should be distributed in other parts of the tree (lib, usr.bin,
usr.sbin etc.). Doing so would be hard on the repo, though (it would
grow by approximately 100 MB, or about 7%, overnight).

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des@xxxxxx
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