Re: Looking for tor users experiencing crashes

On Mon, 1 May 2006, R. B. Riddick wrote:

--- Robert Watson <rwatson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It's a pity this wasn't brought to my attention sooner, or there might have
been a chance to work on it for 6.1-RELEASE, especially given that it sounds
like it has been a moderately long-standing problem. The first I heard about

I can crash FreeBSD R6.0, too... It is more mount/umount and not network related... Although it looks more like an administrator fault, than a kernel fault... So I did not file a PR, when I mentioned it first some weeks ago...

See PR kern/96644 for further details...

Not really my area of expertise, I'm afraid -- however, there are a number of mount/unmount related bug fixes in 6.1 having to do with file system race conditions. You may wish to try a 6.1 RC if you haven't already to see if they are fixed there.

Robert N M Watson
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