Re: Looking for tor users experiencing crashes

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, John Pettitt wrote:

I've had an informal, third or fourth hand report of kernel instability when running Tor under load on unidentified versions of FreeBSD. Obviously, this is a bit vague as bug reports go, but I'm interested in seeing if anyone has had real experience with this happening, and might be interested in helping to track it down. If there are kernel crashes, I'm specifically looking for information on what version of FreeBSD is being used, a panic message / trap message, DDB stack trace, etc. I'm assuming it's likely a networking related bug, which I'm happy to work on fixing. If it's not network-related, I can certainly try to track someone down who could work on it.

For what it's worth I had tor running on my 5.3 co-lo box for about 200 days without a problem (had to reboot for a kernel reboot after 400+ days of uptime)

This is a useful report -- so far I've had about a half dozen reports of absolutely no problems at all on various versions of FreeBSD, and no reports of crashes. Maybe this is a false alarm, or maybe it was a bug in a specific version of FreeBSD. Or maybe it just requires very special circumstances. I'll continue to keep an eye out, and please let me know if you run into a problem.

Robert N M Watson
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