Re: Mounting filesystems with "noexec"

From: Borja Marcos (
Date: 09/22/05

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    Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 13:41:18 +0200
    To: Rob MacGregor <>

    > As long as you can disable/limit the logging. One very nasty
    > "attack" would be
    > to loop trying to run a binary. Blow your logging partition.
    > Somebody could
    > then use that to do other things that would normally be logged,
    > safe in the
    > knowledge that their activities wouldn't be logged.
    > I've seen systems brought to their knees by similar well
    > intentioned logging
    > activities. It's not pretty :)

         That's out of the question, of course :)

         A sysctl could control it. Anyway, the same can happen with
    zillions of logged events.


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