Re: Adding OpenBSD sudo to the FreeBSD base system?

From: asym (
Date: 07/21/05

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    Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 16:19:55 -0400
    To: Kurt Seifried <>, <>

    At 16:09 7/21/2005, Kurt Seifried wrote:
    >Uhh you people realize sudo is COMPLEMENTARY to su? All my Linux and
    >OpenBSD systems (wait for it.....) have _both_ installed by default. Crazy
    >huh? Some example commands:
    >sudo ifconfig blah [enters own password]
    >sudo su - [enters own password]
    >sudo sendmail -q [enters own password]
    >su - [enters root password]
    >Whoa! what's #2? And what's #4? Holy cow!

    For me, #2 and #4 are replaced by "sudo -u root sh" or some other shell,
    totally obviating the need to have su at all. I realize some people use it
    in shell scripts and so on, which I will refrain from commenting on, which
    would make a sudo "su" mode a requirement to have it *replace* su, much
    like the various "vi" invocation implementations.

    I see absolutely no reason why sudo should not be in the base system. Not one.

    I see almost as little need to make it behave as "su" when called as "su",
    but I can at least see the reasoning behind it, and I also understand that
    doing so would not be difficult.

    >Folks, this is by far the stupidest argument/discussion I have ever seen
    >on a security related mailing list (and I've been on BugTraq and
    >Full-Disclosure for a long time so that's saying something).

    If "myth-busting" as I've done with Stephen is "stupid" well, go ahead at
    tattoo it on my forehead. I'm from a place where education is the cure for
    stupidity, not the incarnation of it.

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