Re: Strange command histories in hacked shell history

From: Elvedin Trnjanin (
Date: 12/18/04

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    Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 20:11:10 -0600

    Bill Vermillion wrote:

    >Can anyone explain why su does not use the UID from the login
    >instead of the EUID ? It strikes me as a security hole, but I'm no
    >security expert so explanations either way would be welcomed.
    Because su does exactly what is says. From the manual -


         *su* requests the password for /login/ and switches to that user and group ID
         after obtaining proper authentication.

    Just for fun, here's an little snippet from the sudo manual -


    *sudo* allows a permitted user to execute a /command/ as the superuser
    or another user, as specified in the /sudoers/ file. The real and
    effective uid and gid are set to match those of the target user as
    specified in the passwd file and the group vector is initialized based
    on blah blah blah...

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  • Next message: Bill Vermillion: "Re: Strange command histories in hacked shell history"

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