Re: sharing /etc/passwd

From: Erick Mechler (
Date: 11/08/01

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    Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 19:37:36 -0800

    How 'bout PAM? /usr/ports/security/pam_ldap. If you have machines that
    can't do PAM, perhaps NIS is the way to go (assuming, of course, you're
    behind a firewall). You can store login information in LDAP like you want,
    then use a home-grown script to extract the information to a NIS map. Or,
    if you have a Solaris 8 machine lying around, you can cut out the middle
    step and use Sun's NIS server which can backend directly into LDAP.

    Cheers - Erick

    At Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 07:02:09PM -0700, David Bear said this:
    :: I need to sync /etc/passwd and /etc/group among multiple machines. I was
    :: thinking ldap would be a good method but am concerned about
    :: 1) the most secure way to do it
    :: 2) the most stable
    :: 3) things I don't know about this but should...
    :: any pointers to man pages/docs would be appreciated.
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