Re: Hacked or not ?

From: Peter Rosa (
Date: 06/12/04

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    To: "Lupe Christoph" <>
    Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 14:39:21 +0200

    Yes, it runs Tripwire. There is nothing unusual in it's logs.

    I wanted to have some sureness. That message NEVER apeared on that machine
    before and chkrootkit is running about one year. In the same time I found
    some trojans originating from web sites on another Windoze machine on my
    network. So I got scared if my router couldn't be hacked.

    May be, the "LKM" message was done because of some process terminated as you
    wrote. It's also used as a mailserver with AV daemons, so there are such
    "temporary" processes.

    But what about the /var/log/messages logs absence ?
    And, how to test the machine, if it is healthy ?

    Peter Rosa

    P.S Sorry, if this is not the PROPER list, but I'm a member of few another
    lists and this one seems as proper as possible for me. It's about SECURITY,
    isn't it ?

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