Re: [Freebsd-security] Re: Multi-User Security

From: Remko Lodder (
Date: 05/20/04

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    Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 22:56:13 +0200

    Hey Daniel and Dan,

    Daniel Roethlisberger wrote:

    > Dan Rue <> [2004-05-19/22:30]:
    >>You obviously havn't tried to chroot scponly users.. _that's_ the
    >>tricky part. Especially if you want it to scale up beyond a handful
    >>of users. If i'm wrong - fill me in i'd love to hear how to do it.
    > I second that. I've been chrooting sftp-only users for a while now, with
    > an approach similar to that of scponly, but I cannot say that my
    > solution is scaling particularly well... :-/

    Well you are both correct that i did not implement the chroot thingy,
    but i just responded for the "non shell required" thingy, you can do
    that as well with thhe listed package. I personally dont have any scp
    only users so there is no need for me to implement the given thingy's.

    Excuse me if my information could be intrepetated differently then i ment.


    Kind regards,
    Remko Lodder Dutch community for helping newcomers on the 
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