SA-03:12: sshd stops to answer queries after applying the patch

From: Illia Baidakov (
Date: 09/17/03

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    Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:54:24 +0400

    Hello freebsd-security,

      I've applied the patch from
      for my 4.8 stable last cvsuped at 20 aug 2003.
      Now 'ssh -l user localhost' says:
      ssh_exchange_identification: connection closed by remote host

      Trying remote connections have the same result.
      sshd.log with log level 'verbose' does not contains any messages about
      incoming connections. Messages and othes logs are clear too. ipfw rules have not
      been changed.
      netstat lists me the listening socket for *.22

      How should I correct this problem?

      Does anybody faced with such a problem up?

    Best regards,
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  • Next message: Mike Tancsa: "Fwd: [Full-Disclosure] Sendmail 8.12.9 prescan bug (a new one) [CAN-2003-0694]"

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