IPsec in tunnel mode between Windows 2000 and FreeBSD

From: Ronan LE NOZACH (ronan.lenozach@cis-consultants.com)
Date: 01/09/03

Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 11:43:06 +0100
From: "Ronan LE NOZACH" <ronan.lenozach@cis-consultants.com>
To: <freebsd-security@freebsd.org>

Hi everyone !

I have to build an IPsec VPN between a Windows 2000 server (final host) and a network behind a FreeBSD IPFW firewall with KAME/racoon. I want to build this VPN with IPsec in tunnel mode and without L2TP ot IP in IP encapsulation. After several tests, I managed IPsec communications :
* between Windows 2000 and Linux-FreeS/Wan in transport mode and tunnel mode
* between Windows 2000 and FreeBSD-KAME in transport mode
But I didn't succeed to establish communications with IPsec in tunnel mode between Windows 2000 and FreeBSD (actually, I managed IPsec communications with IPsec in tunnel mode but only when both the Windows 2000 server and the FreeBSD firewall are final hosts, which is not sufficient because I want hosts in the network behind the firewall to be able to communicate with the Windows 2000 server too !). So I'd like to know if anyone has some experience or information about establishing IPsec in tunnel mode between Windows 2000 and FreeBSD. If such communication is not possible, does anyone know if IP in IP encapsulation is possible with Windows 2000 ?

Ronan Le Nozach
CIS Consultants
Paris France

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