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From: Lupe Christoph (
Date: 11/05/02

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 14:14:53 +0100
From: (Lupe Christoph)

Rami, on freebsd-security I reported problems getting aide-0.9 to
compile. Some people seem to have done some work on this, but no one
submitted a port for aide-0.9 (the port is stuck at 0.7).

I have invested some more time in this. Below you find a log describing
what I did, mostly on the CVS version.

freebsd-security, if anybody wants to do this, please follow the
instrauctions on to get the CVS
version of aide.

Using the CVS version requires one to use the older variants of the
auto* ports, autoconf213 and automake14. Use
  autoheader213; automake14; autoconf213

On Tuesday, 2002-10-29 at 11:22:22 +0100, Lupe Christoph wrote:

> I already overcame some problems in configure with libgcrypt. Who do I
> talk to about updating the port once it installs and works?

Weellll, I kludged configure to do that. Now I have a patch to That file twiddles CPPFLAGS, IMNSHO unnecessarily. This
patch removes the twiddling:

--- Fri May 31 14:47:07 2002
+++ Tue Nov 5 11:23:56 2002
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
   [ --with-extra-includes Specify additional paths to find headerfiles],
- [ CPPFLAGS="$CFLAGS $withval" ])
+ [ CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS $withval" ])
   [ --with-extra-libs Specify aditional paths to find libraries],
   [ LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS $withval" ])
@@ -164,7 +164,6 @@
I believe the first one is a typo, and the second one a thinko ...

Checking CVS version of aide ... That problem is gone.

I confirmed that aide-0.9 has a problem with newer bison versions by
trying it on Debian Testing which also has bison 1.75.

And that is not gone in CVS. Rami, can you please look at this?

bison -y -d -p conf -o conf_yacc.c /usr/home/lupe/aide-cvs/aide/src/conf_yacc.y
/usr/home/lupe/aide-cvs/aide/src/conf_yacc.y:144.23-154.5: type clash (`i' `s') on default action
/usr/home/lupe/aide-cvs/aide/src/conf_yacc.y:154.7: parse error, unexpected ":", expecting ";" or "|"
/usr/home/lupe/aide-cvs/aide/src/conf_yacc.y:217.23: parse error, unexpected ":", expecting ";" or "|"
/usr/home/lupe/aide-cvs/aide/src/conf_yacc.y:251.1-2: parse error, unexpected "%%", expecting ";" or "|"

Using yacc instead of bison -y works OK. Why, then, does configure
insist on bison??? Rami, can you please make the autoconf stuff check
for yacc first?

Also, the CVS version requires GNU make:

"/usr/home/lupe/aide-cvs/aide/src/Makefile", line 267: Need an operator
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

That line is:
-include $(DEP_FILES)

AFAIR, different makes have different syntax for include. Dunno if
automake can compensate for this.

Now I get this:

In file included from /usr/home/lupe/aide-cvs/aide/src/conf_yacc.y:13:
/usr/home/lupe/aide-cvs/aide/include/db_config.h:302: syntax error before `blkcnt_t'

Which is:
This gets rewritten by macro expansion:
  blkcnt_t bcount;

This seems to be a copy of st_blocks from the stat struct. But that has:
         int64_t st_blocks; /* blocks allocated for file */

autoconf should include a check for the type of st_blocks.

Next obstacle:

gen_list.c:30: ustat.h: No such file or directory

FreeBSD has no ustat! The code that uses ustat is:

    Here we should check if we need to add it..

    struct ustat buf;
    if (ustat(fs.st_dev, &buf) != 0 || buf.f_fname[0]==0) {

    } else {



Looks like an incomplete experiment. For now, I'll just remove it.

This was the last block, now I get an aide executable.

BTW, the configure line I used was

./configure --with-zlib --with-config_file=/etc/aide/aide.conf \
--with-gcrypt --enable-forced_configmd --enable-forced_dbmd \
--with-extra-includes=-I/usr/local/include \

I'm out of tuits for now, so I can't test the executable right now.

Lupe Christoph

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