Re: Anti-virus section for FAQ

From: Lawrence Sica (
Date: 09/09/02

Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 13:16:11 -0400
From: Lawrence Sica <>
To: "Nickolay A. Kritsky" <>

On Monday, September 9, 2002, at 08:05 AM, Nickolay A. Kritsky wrote:

> Hello Lawrence,
> Friday, September 06, 2002, 10:23:43 PM, you wrote:
> LS> Oops, helps if I post the url eh ;)
> LS>
> I would like to add to this list following AV solution:
> "Procmail Email Sanitizer" -
> To comment the FAQ itself. I do not think that just the list of
> antivirus packages is a good answer for FAQ. The thing is, that
> freqentissimus AV-related question sounds like "What is the best AV
> for freebsd/sendmail/qmail?" not just "What kind of antiviruses do you
> know?". I think, that it would be truly useful if people, who have an
> experience with setting up AV on FreeBSD share their knowledge with
> us in the manner like this:

The goes beyond the purpose of the FAQ tho, it was meant to be a short
list of possible software out there. More information would be suited
more towards a handbook information. To do that for every package
would make it a seperate FAQ. I had planned on a more in depth article
as well, but for the FAQ a short, simple list is best imho. Other
opinions? This list is meant to be an unbiased bit on what is out
there, not an in depth review and rating of each package..


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