Re: List administrivia, was: Re: I Finally got It 2096

From: Chuck Swiger (
Date: 08/27/02

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 12:58:29 -0400
From: Chuck Swiger <>
To: freebsd-security@FreeBSD.ORG

On Tuesday, August 27, 2002, at 02:30 AM, wrote:
> On 26-Aug-2002 Chuck Swiger wrote:
[ ... ]
>> Besides enabling "Restrict posting privilege to list members"...
> Think about corporate subscribers.

I have. When legitimate members of the list want to post from multiple
email addresses, all they need to do is subscribe from each mail address,
but disable the list from mailing to all but the account they want the
list traffic to go to.

Or receive digests at one account and individual messages at another, or
any other combination, as you please. For example, I'm subscribed to
CodeFab-internal lists from both <> and <>
, so I can post from either, yet I only _receive_ CodeFab list traffic at
my corporate mail account. YMMV.


Bart Matthaei <> wrote:
> If you make this list subscriber-only, you are forcing these people to

No, posts from non-subscribers can simply be held for the listadmin to

Non-subscribers might have their messages delayed a bit until their
message is approved (or rejected), but that shouldn't matter much if most
people intend to read the list instead of only posting to it.

-Chuck "trying-to-be-brief" Swiger

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