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From: Tony Landells (
Date: 07/19/02

To: "Michael Sharp" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:56:05 +1000
From: Tony Landells <>

How very interesting...

For a start, you can't copy devices with "cp"--you need something
smarter like "tar", "cpio", ... Pretty much anything that could
be used for backups should understand the niceties of copying a
device. As an alternative you could use "mknod" to create them.
Here is how to do it with cpio:

        cd /dev
        find null random urandom -print | cpio -pdmuv /home/chrootuser/dev/

and then compare the results with ls -l to make sure you're happy.

Specifically, using "cp" to copy /dev/null is a method of creating
a new empty file, or completely emptying out an existing file.

Secondly, are you sure you weren't connected? If you could use
control-d to terminate the connection it looks to me like you were
connected but had no prompt. Control-d is an "end of file" indicator;
when you give it to a shell that means "there are no more commands".
Since the sole purpose of a shell is to let you execute commands, this
results in it terminating (as it does for any program that primarily
processes input).

However "end of file" is only meaningful if it's read by something.
It doesn't generate any sort of "signal" to catch the attention of
a hung program.

Try connecting again and typing a command that should work, like
"/bin/ls /bin" or even something more basic like "set" (which is
builtin to all the shells). If you get something, you're connected.


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