Re: Default ssh protocol in -STABLE [was: HEADS UP: FreeBSD-STABLEnow has OpenSSH 3.4p1]

From: Doug Barton (
Date: 07/07/02

Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 22:05:35 -0700
From: Doug Barton <>
To: Anthony Rubin <>

Anthony Rubin wrote:
> Do people who depend on such things run mergemaster and blindly accept
> all changes? Does everyone throw every new -RELEASE into production
> without any testing?

You've missed the point. This would be an architectural change. We do
those between branches, not towards the end of life of a -stable branch.

Those who want protocol 2 to be the default have a simple config change
to make... users expecting the RELENG_4 branch to actually be -stable
shouldn't have their expectations so violently disturbed.

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