Re: Question on su / possible hole

From: Andrew Kenneth Milton (
Date: 03/27/02

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 02:57:22 +1000
From: Andrew Kenneth Milton <>
To: Ceri <>

+-------[ Ceri ]----------------------
| On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 02:48:27AM +1000, Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote:
| > +-------[ Damien Palmer ]----------------------
| > | At 12:35 AM 3/28/2002 +1000, Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote:
| > | >So remove world execute access from su, make an su-users group and chgrp
| > | >su with that group ?
| > |
| > | Since su already belongs to the wheel group, and we are trying to restrict
| > | su access to people in the wheel group, wouldn't it be simpler to just
| > | chmod the command, so only the owner and the group have executable
| > | permissions on it, and leave it in the wheel group? Or is there another
| > | reasoning behind creating a new group that I am not seeing?
| >
| > Neatness?
| If only wheel has execute access on su, then only people in wheel can su.
| Note that anyone can use su, they just can't su to root if they're not in
| wheel.
| Creating a new group wouldn't work anyway.
| su explicitly checks that the user calling it is in a group
| with gid=0, otherwise known as wheel.

New group is to restrict hopping from noWheelUser1 -> wheelUser2 -> root

if noWheelUser1 can't execute su they can't get to wheelUser2

I'm just providing solutions, I'm not going to try to provide a rationalisation
for why it's a problem d8)

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