RE: su -c user command not working

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Date: 03/22/02

From: "DiCioccio, Jason" <>
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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:53:04 -0800

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No, the reason this works is because you're passing the -c to the shell
which su invokes. Most shells take a -c argument. This is why -c is passed
after the username, su -c <class> username would be what you are thinking of

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* Anthony Schneider <> [2002-03-22 15:36:57 -0500]:
> the -c flag passes a command to the shell of the user you are su'ing to,

man su
     -c class
             Use the settings of the specified login class. Only allowed
             the super-user.

> so since user man's shell is /sbin/nologin, /sbin/nologin is (according
> to su) supposed to interpret the command 'catman' and execute it,
> however /sbin/nologin doesn't interpret commands, it just prints the
> message "This account is currently unavailable" (just as it did for you)
> and then exits. for 'su -c' to work, the user you are su'ing to needs
> something to actually interpret the command. i suggest you either change
> that user's passwd info to have such a shell, or you to an account that
> has such a shell.

I think for 'su -c' to work as expected here, you have to use some
linux distri ;-)


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