Re: crashs on 4.5RC

From: Alfred Perlstein (
Date: 02/01/02

Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 10:56:32 -0800
From: Alfred Perlstein <>
To: suporte <>

* suporte <> [020201 10:23] wrote:
> i updated my 4.4 to an 4.5RC the first time that i compiled .. it was
> crashing almost everysingle hour .. i booted up again on the old
> 4.5PRE-RELEASE .. and recompile the kernel with the new updates from cvsup
> .. k so was finally stable again .. now i can't get an uptime more than 4
> days .. so i tryed again yesterday made another update using the cvsup there
> was a bunch of things new there .. i compile again .. how many time do u
> guys think this thing gonna keep reseting me and a bunch of friends we're
> having the same problems .. we really use the machine is not just a simple
> for mails .. is for eggdrops/apache/ircds/bncs .. stuffs like that ..
> can anybody give me a light ?

Please see:

for information on how to give a more useful (read: we can do something
about your problems with this information) bug report.

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