Re: Upgrade to 4.4-STABLE introduces IPSec problems..?

From: Shoichi Sakane (
Date: 10/29/01

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 17:57:48 +0900
From: Shoichi Sakane <>

> Recently I upgraded my workstation from 4.2-STABLE to 4.4-STABLE. I left
> my ipsec.conf's as they were, expecting all would continue as before.. but
> I seem to have hit a snag. Ever since the upgrade, I have either been
> unable to transfer data in sizeable quantities (more than a few KB) or at
> all between my server or my workstation either direction, whether by ftp,
> scp, http, etc.. upon flushing all IPSec rules, however, things return to
> normal.

did you configure that there was no inbound security policy both side ?

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