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From: Karsten W. Rohrbach (
Date: 10/10/01

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 21:17:12 +0200
From: "Karsten W. Rohrbach" <>
To: 08:38:21 +0000:
> Has anyone ever thought about physicial stealing of server?

yes ;-)

> I know I sound like pretty paranoid, but my question is. Is there
> any way to crypt all harddrive in the way, no one from outside will see
> anything from it. I mean, for example, that rebooting of server is going
> to be dependandt on connection from somewhere, that connection send a key,
> which is all the time only in memory and if someone decide to steal the
> harddrive, he has nothing unless he has a key.

for a somewhat larger client's installation we ordered a safe containing
rackmounts, ups and air conditioning. those boxes are quite expensive
(and quite big), heavy to lift (trust me, noone's ever gonna carry such
a thing out of the building) and they provide the physical security
level demanded by the german bank and insurance industry. hard drives
cannot be removed when the safe is closed, so you just got to think
about a good network/os security solution.

> And the second thing is concerning config or any files which are
> necessary to change to compromise server. The idea is the same, the
> changes
> are (probably by kernel) written into some temprorary area and only when
> private key is provided, changes are written on the right place.

we put /, /usr, /opt (custom binaries) on a write-disabled scsi
harddisk raid mirror, the remaining filesystems went onto a standard
raid5 scsi-scsi bridge solution. software upgrades are being deployed
onto new disks on the same hardware in a lab and then transported to the
site for being actively deployed (swapped agains the original boot
volume disk set).

> sorry if everything I told is too dificult or too stupid to be
> created.

not at all. there are just not that many customers demanding that degree
of security.


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