Re: Policy based routing/restricting access __inside__ ones net..

From: horio shoichi (
Date: 09/23/01

Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 03:43:53 +0900
From: horio shoichi <>
To: Stanley Hopcroft <>

Stanley Hopcroft wrote:
> Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I am writing to ask for advice about providing profile dependent access
> to subsets of ones internal network.
> The context is having third parties access the network for maintenance.
> Once they get logged in on the host they are hired to maintain, how can
> I prevent them accessing other hosts while allowing __some__ access to
> others they may need for problem resolution ? (given that both sets of
> hosts can be specified)
> Can a Kerberos realm enforce access profiles such as these (and then if
> they were forced to use only kerberised applications, grant them tickets
> for access to some hosts only) ?
If you mean by realm to split servers into possibly overlapping set of
realms each of which has separate set of principals (users and services)
users access servers through cross-realm authentication, I see no reason
doesn't work.

> Can ipfilter/ipfw provide ACLs depending on user ?
Ipfilter is so low level that it has no notion of user. It only
protocol, ip and port. If a user (or users) could be bound to a specific
set of protocol, ip and port corresponding to an instance of service,
then access control might be possible. But I doubt doing this would
worth efforts.

> The access could include Solaris/FreeBSD/AIX servers as well as MS Win
> NT ...
> Thank you,
> Yours sincerely.
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