RE: Re[2]: Possible New Security Tool For FreeBSD, Need Your Help.

From: Carroll, D. (Danny) (
Date: 09/03/01

Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 13:39:06 +0200
From: "Carroll, D. (Danny)" <>
To: "Nickolay A.Kritsky" <>

:CDD> Yeah but Obfuscation PLUS good security does not hurt, in
:fact it helps.
:CDD> Just so long as you don't *rely* on it.
:Don't you think it is really _too_ complicated. While you have
:firewalls, open key logins, IP based verification. Just Keep It
:Simple. IMHO the more complicated it gets, the more chances you have,
:that in one day all this "security improvements" will play against

I was really objecting to the statement that obsfucation is bad, rather
than the point in case.

I agree simple security is good, but you can help yourself out by
*hiding* things to make the potential attackers job a little harder.

As for security improvements becomming unmanageable, I would suggest
that good network documentation would solve that problem. If you are
going to go to the trouble of writing a time-based port-scanning
key-sending authentication system, then you'd better be prepared to
document it.

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