Re: how can I find general security infomation ?

From: edwin chan (
Date: 09/03/01

From: "edwin chan" <>
To: "Ryan Thompson" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 19:20:16 +0800

really good guide, thanks a lot.

edwin chen

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> edwin chan wrote to freebsd-security@FreeBSD.ORG:
> > recently, I try to enhance security for my freebsd box, I feel lack
> > security knowladge and concept of attack manner. where I can find deep
> > infomation about ?
> >
> > edwin chen
> A good place to start is the security(7) manpage. It contains a lot of
> general security information, which will increase your understanding, as
> well as give you ideas on how to improve system security. It will also
> point you in the direction of several system components and 3rd party
> tools that will have a positive effect on system security if configured
> properly.
> There are many sources in print that will go into more depth than
> security(7), but are not necessarily specific to FreeBSD or any other OS
> for that matter. One such good book is "Mastering Network Security"
> Benton/Sybex Network Press. ORA also has some good books in print.
> You'll also want to use on-line security web sites (too many to list.
> bugtraq, CERN, securityfocus, etc... try some web searches for UNIX
> security or FreeBSD security). Look for topics like firewalls, packet
> filters, intrusion detection systems (IDS), email security, VPN, etc.
> As a last resort (or in case of emergency!), you can hire a security
> expert. Most individuals that deserve the title "expert" charge heaps of
> money, usually by the hour.
> You will need to consider your own system security... What do you need?
> How important is your data? To what degree are you willing to sacrifice
> convenience for security?
> - Ryan
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