Re: Security update packages don't recognized patched 4.3-RELEASE

From: Andrew Kenneth Milton (
Date: 08/31/01

Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 13:25:54 +1000
From: Andrew Kenneth Milton <>
To: Kris Kennaway <>

+-------[ Kris Kennaway ]----------------------
| On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 10:28:55PM +0200, Blaz Zupan wrote:
| > I usually cvsup RELENG_4_3 to update our servers, but this time I wanted to
| > quickly patch the lpd hole by simply installing the update package.
| > Unfortunatelly it complains that it can only be installed on 4.3-RELEASE.
| > Well, I *am* running 4.3-RELEASE, but patched up to 4.3-RELEASE-p14. I believe
| > the +INSTALL script should support this, what do others think?
| It was a deliberate decision to only support 4.3-RELEASE, not
| arbitrary cvsup dates of RELENG_4_3 so we don't have to worry about
| possible weird package interactions with changes on that branch at
| some point. Basically, we expect that if you can cvsup once, you can
| cvsup twice :)

Do they work with arbitrary combinations of binary updates ?

Which is to say are they generated from 4.3-RELEASE or generated from
4.3-RELEASE + previous binary updates?

I'm not sure there would be any contention there, but, I can see how
it could lead to the same situation as cvsupping (given enough updates).

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