Re: disable traceroute to my host

From: Brooks Davis (
Date: 06/23/01

Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 16:04:43 -0700
From: Brooks Davis <>
To: alexus <>

On Fri, Jun 22, 2001 at 06:32:10PM -0400, alexus wrote:
> is it possible to disable using ipfw so people won't be able to traceroute
> me?

Not really. Traceroute works be setting the hop count of an IP packet
very low so that it gets an ICMP error message back from each router along
the way. You might be able to set things up to hide your internal network
by not changing the hop count when packets pass through your routers,
but that's it. You can do this with FreeBSD, but I can't seem to find
the option at the moment.

-- Brooks

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