Re: IPFW almost works now.

From: Dale Frohman (
Date: 06/13/01

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:00:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dale Frohman <>
To: Marcel Dijk <>

what ftp client are you using and what OS are you using this client on?

> > To the original poster, also keep in mind that firewalls at the other
> > end of your connection could be making trouble for you too. You can use
> > tcpdump(8) and firewall logging to see if traffic is getting to your
> > FTP server at all.
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> > Crist J. Clark Network Security Engineer
> > Globalstar, L.P.
> > (408) 933-4387 FAX: (408) 933-4926
> Traffic IS getting to the FTP server, because I can login. The thing is when
> I have logged in and the client sends the LIST command it can't read the
> directory and closes the connection. As discribed here:
> _______________________________________
> Can't build data connection: interrupted system call.
> ABOR command succesfull.
> Connection Lost
> _______________________________________
> So, connection TO the server seems to work but when the server tries to SEND
> traffic to the client it fails.
> Marcel
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