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From: Hajimu UMEMOTO (
Date: 05/18/01

Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 00:55:07 +0900 (JST)
From: Hajimu UMEMOTO <>

>>>>> On Fri, 18 May 2001 18:28:56 +0300
>>>>> "Alexandr P. Kovalenko" <> said:

never> Sorry, this question is asked many times, but, maybe someone can give
never> some advices to set up pop-before-smtp in real situation for me
never> in private e-mail?.. I've seen drac but I'm wondering how should
never> I apply it in real situation, need some examples.

There are some implementations to do pop-before-smtp. I'm using
poprelayd in one of the sites I maintain. poprelayd is mentioned by
Olivier Nicole in this thread. Recentry, DRAC seems to be well known.
In anyway, I don't like pop-before-smtp. :-)

never> And also how can I get ip of connecting client if my daemon (pop3
never> for ex.) is started from inetd? man what function?

When POP connection comes, the POP server saves the IP address where
connection comes into access control database. Then, SMTP connection
comes, it is allowed by check_relay rule of Since
Qpopper 4.X has DRAC support, you don't need extra patch.

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