RE: risks of ip-forwarding, without ipf/ipfw

From: Dave Seddon (
Date: 05/17/01

Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 10:37:10 +1000
From: Dave Seddon <>
To: freebsd-security@FreeBSD.ORG

I run a FreeBSD router/firewall for my home network, sharing cable.

If I wasn't actually packet filtering, how would somebody attack my
internal machines (assuming the gateway box was secure and people
couldn't telnet, etc, into it)? Doesn't natd provide a lot of
protection anyway? Natd dynamically keeps track of outgoing
connections, then maps these back on the way back in. So if somebody
tries to start a connection inbound, it will hit the router, natd will
look through it's table, say to itself "no match" and drop the packet
(s). I assume that natd actually tracks the close of a tcp connection
and removes entries? or is this done by some sort of timeout?

Is the way to attack:
Sit on the Cable Ethernet network, address frames to target site's
ethernet address, address packets to the (guessed) internal addresses
of the target site, and set the return packet address to your box?
(assuming no firewall)

Just wondering...

Dave Seddon

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No, I'm not actually doing this, I was more curious than anything.

I use ipfilter myself.

Thanks for the good thoughts everyone.

Crist Clark wrote:
> Eric Anderson wrote:
> >
> > What are the risks of having a dual-homed machine (2 NIC's), one on
> > big bad internet and one on a home lan, with ip forwarding enabled,
> > without ipf or ipfw running?
> A.k.a. a router.
> All it means is that every machine on the home LAN must be hardened
> and treated as if it were directly connected to the Internet 'cause,
> well, it is.
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