RE: remote SecureID authentication anyone?

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Date: 04/20/01

From: "Barkell, Bill" <>
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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 09:57:58 -0400

Secure ID can be set up for VPN in the following manner: (there may be other
ways as well)
1) VPN gateway is connected to internet
2) SecureID ACE server is set up on internal network
3) VPN gateway is told to pass authentication to the ACE server

Client connects to the gateway, conversation takes place between the gateway
and the ACE server, gateway grants access to client.

This does work with several popular VPN gateway products.

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Subject: Re: remote SecureID authentication anyone? said:
> I'm looking to setup a machine in our office so a few of us can get in
> on a VPN for network access after hours from home. I've heard VPNs are
> possible. After discussing this with office management, they say the
> only way we can do this is to use security in addition to passwords.
> When I asked if our SecureID cards/keychains would work, they agreed
> on it. Now... has anyone got this setup or something similar? I looked
> on the mailing list archives with no luck... searched some web
> pages... I even remember ssh2 using it, but now I don't see any
> reference to it in the openssh or ssh2 makefiles. Answers and/or
> suggestions are greatly appreciated.

To some extent this depends what you're intending to use for your VPN.
The SecurID server can be configured to handle RADIUS authentication,
so any VPN software that can do RADIUS can do SecurID.


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