Re: Interaction between ipfw, IPSEC and natd

From: Eric Anderson (
Date: 04/11/01

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 10:31:10 -0500
From: Eric Anderson <>
To: Lowell Gilbert <>

I was having a hard time getting NATD to work with ipfw and IPSEC, so I
tried IPFILTER (ipf) and ipnat, and they work fairly well together.. The
firewall rules are still a pain to get working however, but I'm much
farther along than I was with ipfw and NATD.


Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> (Rasputin) writes:
> > Does anybody know if ipfilter has similar problems with IPSec?
> Some forms of IPSEC have fundamental problems with packet rewriting,
> which means that NAT is extremely hard to use in an IPSEC environment.
> Notably, end-to-end IPSEC modes are broken, although router-based
> tunnels can be a problem depending on whether the NAT rewriting occurs
> before or after the IPSEC headers are applied.
> Even without NAT, though, firewalls are a little tricky to configure
> for IPSEC packets. This is because the firewall can't see the
> protocol ports (or even the protocol, for that matter) in the packet,
> so you have to make pass/drop decisions for IPSEC packets without that
> information. Both ipfilter and ipfw have some ability to deal with IP
> options, but it's a little limited in both cases and I'm too far out
> of my depth to speculate on what the right approach to firewalling
> IPSEC would be.
> Be well.
> Lowell Gilbert
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