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From: Jeremiah Gowdy (
Date: 04/09/01

From: "Jeremiah Gowdy" <>
To: "David" <>, <freebsd-security@FreeBSD.ORG>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 09:37:40 -0700

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Subject: Re: local exploit

> Please learn to speak english better, or have someone help you write
> Your hacked up english barely makes sense, and one can only guess what you
> mean.

No need to be a dick.

> Also 3.4 is not supported anymore (unless I missed something), so
> unless you wish to upgrade to a version which is, you're on your own.

Umm, I believe his question was:

> > are there big different that 4.1 more secure for exploit ??
> > thank's

In other words, is there a big difference in the security of 4.1 versus 3.4.
That's not a request for 3.4 support.

Give people a break. You are the kind of person that makes the FreeBSD
community look like a bunch of arrogant elitist a-holes. Not to mention how
ignorant and arrogant it makes Americans look when you say "Learn my
language !". Although I support English only laws *in my state* and *in my
country*, FreeBSD is obviously an international/multi-lingual project
(/usr/ports/ - german - hebrew - french - chinese - japanese - korean -
vietnamese). If you don't like reading emails with broken English, don't
respond to them, or remove yourself from the mailing lists.

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